Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Diary As A Teacher

2 Jan 2011
Should be the first day of school but thanks to Malaysian 'tigers', today is a holiday. Yahoo...cikgu lebih pada anak murid ni!

3 Jan 2011
Rumour is going around like crazy that my friend and I akan ke sesi pagi. What!!?? Btw, I follow up my F1 classes and got 3 new classes. Ada Pemantau from PPD. Nasib baik dia tgk sesi pagi je but I was ready like always...Lgpun Principal dah bgtau first day mesti P&P.

4 Jan 2011
Member2 dok tanya, "Bukan sesi pagi ke?". What should I answer? Tuan punya badan tak tau apa2 pun!!! Pentadbir pun sengap je...

5 Jan 2011
Bumped into last year's students. Now they're in sesi pagi. Ada yg buat tak kenal! Boleh??!! Esp. budak2 pandai. Yg kurang pandai tu jauh sebatu dah say hi.

6 Jan 2011
Dah enter semua class. So far so good. I think I'll like all my classes. Last year ada gak class yg rasa malas nak masuk but you've got to do what you're supposed to do. Betul ke cikgu cakap ni??!! GKM finally jumpa cakap maybe kena ajar F3 n F4.

9 Jan 2011
Still friends were asking, "Bukan ke pagi?" Sigh... dah letih jawab soalan ni. Pentadbir still keeping mum about this. Wait and see je la...Btw I'm excited to enter all my classes.

10 Jan 2011
PK called me during class and said, "Boleh tak u ajar F3 n F4 starting 2moro?". Gulp! "Boleh.." That's the only answer I could give her. Apa nak ajar esok ni? Buku abis tenggelam banjir! I'll miss my friends in the afternoon esp. member makan kat kantin!

11 Jan 2011
First day in the morning session. Nasib tak bangun lambat. Entered my F4 classes...dah boleh identify boys who're going to give me headaches all year long! Asked them to write an essay. One class - quite ok. Another class - got a lot of work ahead!

12 Jan 2011
Lamanya rasa double periods. Dulu tak sempat abis exercises. Now tak cukup exercises lak! Ada 'Syamsul Yusoff Haslam' lak dalam kelas...Bukan sbb pandai berlakon but nyanyi ke laut. Dia saja nak test aku ke? Still haven't decide what to do with him. Should I try reverse psychology?

13 Jan 2011
Dah enter F3 classes. They're okay. But in the panel meeting just now, I was told that one whole class got A for English and I'm teaching the same class this year! I'm starting to feel the heat right now...PK Hem told me that I have to be the form teacher for 4PD. Ingatkan dah terlepas...:(

Friday, July 16, 2010

OMG Eclipse!

I went to watch 'Eclipse' last Friday with my hubby and son. I know three's a crowd but I had to bring my son along. It's either Eclipse with my son or no Eclipse at all. I opted for the former of course!
As for the movie, it's the best out of the three Twilight Saga so far. My hubby agrees to this too. It has romance, comedy and action, all rolled into one. Although, the movie jumped a bit during the first half of it, Eclipse is still awesome. Maybe it should be broken into two movies like 'Breaking Dawn' I guess. There are so much to show but so little time. Heck! why they don't just make it a 3-hour movie. I don't mind especially with Jacob's abs and Edward's face to feast my eyes on ...OME! I'm melting all over again. I saw the picture stills and I have reservations about Edward's face actually but he looked sooo handsome in the film. And my fear is for nothing!
As for the acting itself, I think R.Pattz improved tremendously. He is sooo Edward in 'Eclipse'. His tortured face, his sly grin, his boyish charm...get a grip on yourself Lin! and Kristen Stewart has finally dropped her stuttering imitation of Bella. and Jacob..sweet Jacob. I can just eat him up! I just love all the cast but maybe they should also focus on each newborn a little bit.

Important Message
This review is so outdated. I didn't even realize I wrote this without finishing it. Now I don't remember how to finish it. Got to wait until I watch it on DVD I guess...sorry...

Friday, July 9, 2010


I love Twilight books to the max. Why? Because I like fantasy...that's why I like Harry Potter books, The Chronicle of Narnia, Lord of the Rings and Vampire Diaries to name a few. I guess not every people would understand this craziness but I don't care and I won't stop telling people about it.
I've been a dreamer my whole life and I have dreamed that I would find this tall, dark and handsome guy one day...well at least I got the handsome part correctly...according to me that is. Since young I've read love stories on fairy tales, stories of princesses and princes from other countries, Sweet Dreams series and Mills & Boons, when I was in STF! So, when I read a little movie called 'Twilight' in 'Galaxie' magazine in November 2008, I was intrigued. I saw the picture of R.Pattz and K.Stew as 'Edward and Bella' and I was in love at first sight! I quickly went to find the book because from my experience with Harry Potter movies, the film will never do justice to the book. And boy...when I read it, I was in for a treat. I finished the book in record time. It was very hard for me to put the book down even for a meal or a relief.
The story is mesmerising and the characters are awesome. I also love the fact that it champions chastity. It's a pure clean fun. I admit that the dialogue is quite cheesy but who cares! And Edward Cullen is perfect. He is so handsome, so romantic, so understanding and so unselfish. Although I'm 38 and a mother of two, I could fall in love with him over and over again. And he is husband won't mind if I fantasise about him. The way he loves Bella is every woman's dream. He loves her unconditionally. That's why older women fancy Edward, I guess. He reminds us of the perfect gentleman that we have been looking for since we were young. As for Bella, well she's one lucky girl and we have all dreamed to be in her shoes. And the rest of the characters, they are just awesome, the vampires with their special abilities and humans with their innocence.
My husband is Team Twilight of course and this is one cunning scheme of mine. You see, nobody of my age is crazy as I am in this small town so I would be dateless on watching Twilight. So, he was intrigued that I was so engrossed with the book that he asked me to translate the story to him. Well he tried to read one of Narnia's books before and he gave up after a few pages and the book is M.I.A until now. I'm not going to take the risk with my precious 'Twilight'! To cut the story short, I told him the story minus the cheesy parts and he's hooked right away.
After reading the first book and having watched the movie, I tried to find the rest of the books. I managed to finish all three in five days! All the while translating to my dear husband too. And he's the one who's pestering me with 'what happens next' question.
I love New Moon and Breaking Dawn and I like Eclipse. When I finished the books, I was at lost as if I have lost my friends. To satiate this, I started googling anything that is Twilight. I've read Midnight Sun and it is such a WOW. I hope Stephenie Meyer will finish and publish it one day.
I love the Twilight books and I am proud of it. To those who don't get this, just give the book a chance. You might be suprised at yourself because everyone like a good love story...

My shoutouts goes to K.Nah : I've finally posted something on Twilight so you must now your promise to read my blog and be a follower. Next stop-my review on Eclipse movie.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Argentina sucks! I'm a woman and I love football!

Yeah... you read it right...I'm a football craze. People raised their eyebrows when I said this, just because I'm a lady.
I've been lazy lately... in fact very lazy to post anything in my blog. And I've gained a few kilos too! I've been busy watching the World Cup you see. The games were on tv everyday, every evening, every night and every morning! and I have watched most of the games even the 2.30 am games especially when my fave teams were playing. (How I love working in the afternoon!) Now, I have a breather since the 1st semifinal is two nights away. How do I love it so far? Well, I'm still jumping with joy because my fave teams are in the semifinals and Argentina is finally out!I'm no glory hunter but I love Germany, Spain, England, Brazil and Holland since 1986, I think. I can still remember some of the famous players back then...Rummenigge, Alan Shearer, Roberto Carlos and Ruud Gullit to name a few. And I hate Argentina since Maradona's hand of God. Well, they are also the best actors on the field and never a 'fairplay' team.
I was torn inside when the Germans was playing against England...the Dutch vs Brazil... This is unfair! Fifa should follow the tennis match-ups. The no.1 player never plays against the no.2 player until the final. Now world no.2(Spain) is meeting no.3(Germany) in the semifinal! Who am I rooting for? I just can't pick between these two. They are equal in my eyes but I'll pick one of them when they play against Holland in the final.
Although my fave teams are mostly European teams, I also rooted for the minnows like Ivory Coast, Ghana and New Zealand especially when they played against Argentina and Italy. The African teams didn't play well as I had hoped but I'm proud of the Asian teams. South Korea and Japan did so well but luck was not on their side. I'm impressed with their skills and gameplay. I can only dream that one day Malaysia can play like that.
Aaargh...the referees! They are so blind and biased. I wept for the teams that went out thanks to the referees' blunders. I can understand the call for technology in football but I'm only for the microchip in the ball and extra referees at the goalposts. Other than that, it will only take the beauty out of the game. Just bring Baldy(Molina) back please!
Emmm....RTM... stop blaming them people! Just blame yourself and Astro. Are you blind? or deaf maybe... It's written and announced everywhere long before WC that RTM will not be showing all matches live! And didn't you all know that Astro has the exclusive right. Heck RTM has to take the draw on which matches to show live. Funny that they only got lame match-ups. Smelling fish anyone?
Back to the beautiful game... I love Germany vs Argentina the best! First, because the German has thrashed my most hated team. Secondly, it's the best of Germany I've seen so far. Jaochim Loew stays true to Klinsmann's revolutionary style. Those who have seen how the Germans played in the 80's and 90's would agree with me. The action was non-stop and they ruled the game. Then we have England vs Germany. It's just packed with drama. I just hope that the semis and final will be nothing short of heart-stopping moments. As for the other teams' reviews... Italy and France are old news. They are still playing like in the 90's. (Italy was just lucky in 2006). Brazil must go back to their samba ways and enroll in anger-management class. England... fire your midfielders and defenders! Argentina...what goes around will come around. Try to win the fairplay award for once. You're too humble dear African teams. Get it in your head that it's never enough to be in the first round to New Zealand and Australia.
Lastly, I am relieved that an African witch-doctor got it wrong to say that Argentina will be the champion. You should take a prophecy course under Paul the octopus, the true oracle or the Nostradamus of WC 2010. I wonder what Paul has to say about Germany vs Spain...

P.S: Paul has picked Spain for the win! Should I weep now????

My shoutouts go to my hubby and my brother: You cannot simply switch teams when Brazil and Argentina are out!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I love Iron Man 2...

I went to watch Iron Man last week. Two things happened to me...
First, never trust the reviews. See it for yourself. I always tell myself this but somehow I got suck into somebody's opinion again and again. Iron Man was quite good actually and entertaining too.. There's never the problem of too many villains or too many subplots. Everything just gel together nicely. I never once got confused. Are the critics watching the same movie? In fact it was better than the first movie (except for Don Cheadle...) R.Downey was so much wittier. The action scenes were non-stop...contrary to the reviews. To those movie critics, get a life or make your own movie guys! Movies are for entertainment! If you want to be educated, read a book!
Having said that, I'm still wary of Eclipse. Yes, of course the trailers are awesome but so were New Moon's. But the film itself... so dissapointing. I read on Twitter that a few lucky fans, courtesy of Oprah, got to watch the rough cut and they love it. Of course this is from Twihards. After New Moon, I'm a sceptic. See... I love Twilight movie way more. I think Catherine Hardwicke really captured the characters' emotions. New Moon was a mess and I hate the hairdos. Twilight is the best! Cross my fingers for Eclipse.
Another thing was, I almost fell going down the steps after the movie. My hubby didn't help me at all but he just looked at me incredulously and asked, "Why did you trip?" ( Pasai pa nak jatuh!) And here an odd couple in front of us were holding hands all the way down. Instead of being angry at him I just want to laugh by the audacity of the situation. By the looks of it, they are not married yet. And people always say men treat women nicely when they are still bf and gf. But when they get married, all these gentlemanly gestures will go away. Is is true? As for my hubby, I blame myself. See, I still marry him although there was one day where I really fell and he just walked away. I should have left him right there and then!

My shoutouts to Twihards in Jitra and S.Petani : Let's us make sure they will screen Eclipse here. No more travelling to Penang just to watch the movie please.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Lee Dweyze rocks!

Yey! Lee wins as I've expected. Crystal did out sang Lee but that's reality TV folks. Like it or hate it. So another reality singing prog. ends. I 'll live with Mentor...
Simon Cowell has finally left the building. Will AI be relevant without Simon? Only time will tell. Who likes the finale? I least for the first hour. They're too much singing that I felt like being boxed to the ears. I was surfing the net in the next hour that I missed the all AI sing-a-long tribute. I read that it was the highlight of the show. Now I have to catch the repeats just to see that. And I've missed two repeats already. I'll wait for Sunday's repeat.
I agree with E!online that Lee's win was overshadowed by Simon's tribute. Do you? You're unfair FOX! Lee should have his moment.
Back to this year's finalists, it's just like AF8. They're no more WOW factor. I think both shows are taking its toll on viewers. But I'd still be watching when they come back next year. You see I'm a sucker for these kind of shows. Oh why they didn't show DWTS's shows in Malaysia...sob! :(
Another fave of mine has ended too. Criminal Minds anyone? The season 4 finale was such a cliffhanger that I cheated. I know season 5 is currently showing in the US and I just can't wait until next year. I assume it'll be next year, right 8TV? Anyway, I read the season opener's overview and Spoiler Alert! I was so relieved! But then I read another overview and ... I stopped myself from reading more overviews. Damn this internet!
There's a silver lining in the cloud though. The slot is being replaced by Vampire Diaries! Hope that it's good as I've read it from so many comments. Time to hit the book. I like to read the book first before I watch the visual interpretation of it you see. Want to know my verdict? See ya!

My shoutouts to ex-STFians 85-89 esp. 5SS: I'm looking for all of you in fb as we speak!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I am an ex-AF Fan...

Just until the next season of AF that is. I watched the final concert and yes, as I predicted, Shahir won it. Sadly, he didn't sing like a champion. But he redeemed himself at the end. He sang his first single way much better then. But WHAT! Iwan was fifth? I thought he sang way much better than Maulana. Anyway, I think Daus was the best performer of the night. He sang and performed like a pro.

Everyone has his/her own opinion though. My mom loves Shahir's song to death... which got me thinking...she'll ask us to download the song as her HP's ring tone just like Siti's/Hafiz's winning song anytime now. Adlin said that it is an old-fashioned song. I kinda agree with Adlin here. Remember when Shahir sang 'Tiara'? It's like a sequel to that song.

Now that AF has ended, I can concentrate on something else like the World Cup in 3 weeks time!
And the AI final is tomorrow morning. My bet is on Lee Dewyze. Sorry Crystal... I'm a rock chick not a hippie lover. Hope the best man wins!

As for Mentor, I definitely believe Mas Idayu won't win it this time. Shaq sang 'ke laut' last Sunday. This is not a good sign Mas. So brace yourself for a defeat. It might come sooner than you think.

My shoutouts to my mother: You cannot use my son as an excuse to watch AF anymore mother...